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Northeast Academy is the Home of the Eagles! It is here that we work extremely hard to make each child be the best they can be. With the help of a hard working and dedicated staff and loving and concerned parents, our students take daily steps toward that goal. We would like for all our students to graduate equipped to take that next big step in their life. Whether it is college, armed forces or the work force, we want to prepare them and do it in a Christian environment.

We have a State Accredited Pre-School beginning at ages three and four. This also is accredited as a Day Care for ages 3-12 until 6:00 p.m. daily. Our K-6 program stresses the basics in preparing children for successes later in school. We use the Open Court Reading Program and have found this to be very helpful in preparing our students to firm a foundation for their later studies.

Beginning in grade 7, we use a seven period day to meet our needs in preparing our students for the rest of their lives. Our programs in English and Math are designed to prepare students for the new emphasis in writing encouraged by our colleges. Our history program teaches us to do a better job in the future by studying the past. Science is very much “hands on”, using the lab and the environment outside to help us improve our quality of life. Health and Physical education goes through the tenth grade encouraging fitness, nutrition, and making this area a healthier place to live. Our computer lab has continued to upgrade yearly, and we feel we have the best program we can have in a rural area. We put all this together and as seniors we conclude with Christian Ethics for life.

Northeast Academy has also developed a wonderful relationship with the area colleges. Our students have the opportunity to leave Northeast with 12 semester hours worth of credit. We also have many clubs and athletics for both girls and boys that will make for a more well rounded student. These are extra curricular and must not take the place of academics which is first and foremost.

May the Lord guide our footsteps daily in a better effort to serve him.


Russell Leake
Northeast Academy







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